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We at Confreda Gardens grow our own annuals to ensure quality in our product. Since we do not grow for the whole sale market, our flowers are not mass produced, which allows us to give you a superior quality plant. We are a certified Proven Winner garden center, and grow them ourselves to our high standards. Though Proven Winners may be found in other stores, not all Proven Winners are created equal.

  • Provide vibrant color all season long

  • Perfect for containers and window boxes

  • Varieties for sun and shade

  • Easy to care for

Giant Hanging Baskets

Grown and sold exclusively

 at Confreda Gardens!

We use:

  • Proven Winner plants

  • Organic Gardener's Gold soil​

  • Peter's professional fertilizer


  • No dead heading required

  • Blooms all season long

  • Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

  • Show stopping beauty all summer



For color year after year

Perennials live for many years, and offer many benefits in the landscape. We have dozens of varieties to choose from, including but not limited to:

  • Cut flowers

  • Attracting butterflies and beneficial insects

  • Hummingbirds​ 

  • Deer and rabbit resistant

  • Shade and sun

  • Drought resistant

Available from quart size up to 2 gallon containers

Containers Made to Order

Don't have the time or the talent? Bring us your containers (or we can supply them), and we will create a vision of beauty for you. 


Call or email to get a quote:


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